VAB 2020

Exhibition Proposal | Italy | 2019

GSG Undip

Education Facilities | Semarang | 2019

Bala Tamparang

Resort & Tourism | Makassar | 2018

The architectural design concept of Kodingareng Keke island is inspired by two main forms. The first inspiration is ‘Passapu’, the typical head tie of Makassar (Generally used as an attribute for nobles and knights). ‘Passapu’ symbolized the dignity of the Makassar people. This form also shows the pride of Kodingareng Keke as a part of Makassar. Second, in the form of waves in the ocean, Kodingareng Keke comes with its identity as a coastal area. This form is also a response to the tropical context of the Indonesia archipelago.


Cultural Center | Bali | 2016

‘Samskriti’ which means ‘culture’ in Sanskrit contains every elements that made a civilization, including art. The idea of this design is to make a space that can preserve, promote and hopefully someday will produce its own culture. The design purpose is to create small-scaled exhibition spaces that combine indoor and outdoor and connect them with corridors, while keep respecting the ‘Sanga Mandala’ concept for the programming. Jimbaran is well known for the seaside landscape and culture, thus making it as the main inspiration for the design elements such as water feature to create seaside ambiance, the cream color of the hardscape which represents sandy beach, and the recycled boat timber used as the facade cover. This theme is a strong representation of Indonesia as a maritime nation. The project was selected for the top 15 entry of the Jimbaran Art and Culture Center Competition. It was a collaboration effort with Dicky Tanumihardja of Recode Nation and Amar Djihadsyah.


Transit Station | Jakarta | 2019

CSW (Centrale Stichting Wederopbouw) intersection, has lost its historical significance (There aren’t any physical artifacts anymore). At the moment, this interchange is passed by BRT (Transjakarta) and MRT which are not integrated. Therefore, this design will introduce CSW as “Cakra Selaras Wahana’, which is stands for “Cakra” – circle shape, “Selaras” – harmonious with the surrounding, and “ Wahana” – transit space for connecting the bus and train users.